Koda is a team of real estate professionals that specializes in the acquisition and rehabilitation of distressed inherited homes throughout New Jersey.

With over ten years of real estate investing experience, we have offered solutions to many clients with a wide variety of real estate problems – from properties inherited through an Estate, to Foreclosure situations.

Settling an Estate can be confusing and overwhelming, while selling an inherited property to Koda will be stress-free. Our expertise in this field will smoothly guide you through every step in that process, helping you move to the next chapter in your life.

What does Koda do?

During a difficult time, as is the passing of a family member or friend, inheriting a home can be a burdensome situation; dealing with endless paperwork and getting the home in condition to sell in the market is not a simple task – this is where Koda comes in.

Koda provides homeowners and estate executors/administrators with a roadmap to settling an estate. By selling an inherited property to Koda, our clients decrease the amount of time and stress that goes into this process. Additionally, if the property is not sold to Koda directly, we will provide access to an extensive team of real estate professionals, to sell it on the open market.

Koda’s Mission

Every home has a history behind it. So does every family.

Koda preserves the integrity of a home, and provides a stepping stone for new homeowners to start writing their history. Our mission is to revitalize communities and encourage home ownership – with passion honesty, and integrity – by rejuvenating neighborhoods, increasing the standard of living, and improving the overall quality of housing.

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